2018 Six Acres Wines Spectrum Pinot Noir

YV Pinot Noir 2016.jpg
YV Pinot Noir 2016.jpg

2018 Six Acres Wines Spectrum Pinot Noir


A pinot noir ready for any party and one you’ll find hard to keep the lid on.

Light on its feet yet with some interesting complexity. The vibrant cherry flavours are supported by a bit of whole bunch funk.

You can even chill this a little before serving to be noticed in the crowd.

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2016 Six Acres Blue Label Pinot Noir

“This has Yarra pinot's stamp of sapid red fruit flavours strung over a mosaic of whole-cluster spikiness, gentle in its rasp, with the cardamom, clove and nutmeg notes that ensue, all tailing across a sappy, expansive finish.

Lots of flavour and sophistication stuffed into a well-priced package.”

James Halliday, The Halliday Wine Companion, June 2018